Theme 1 & 2
Program 3050

The carbon and greenhouse gas balance of permafrost degradation
Program coordinator(s): Dr. J. van Huissteden
Theme(s): 1
Funding date: 21 June 2010

This research focuses on monitoring the carbon and greenhouse gas balance in permafrost areas. The newest greenhouse gas monitoring technologies are combined with experiments and computer models. When permafrost melts, large volumes of CO2, CH4 and possibly N2O are released, and these may further increase global warming. The magnitude of this feedback mechanism, however, is very uncertain, and there are also very few field data from Siberia, the world’s largest frozen land mass. The objective of this research program is to gain insight into the greenhouse gas balance of various processes associated with permafrost degradation, such as the formation of pools and lakes.

This program contains the following projects:
3051: The effects of large scale permafrost degradation features on the carbon and greenhouse gas balance of Siberian tundra
3052: Vegetation succession due to small-scale permafrost degradation in relation to carbon sequestration and methane emission

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Darwin Center authors: Blok D., Heijmans M. M. P. D

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Darwin Center authors: Heijmans M. M. P. D, Li B.

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Darwin Center authors: Budishchev A., Dolman A. J., Heijmans M. M. P. D, van Huissteden J., Li B.

Li, B. (2012). Effect of vegetation composition on soil-permafrost conditions and vice versa in moist tundra in NE Siberia.
Darwin Center authors: Li B.

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Darwin Center authors: Berendse F., Heijmans M. M. P. D, van Huissteden J., Li B.