Theme 1 & 2
Project 1091

Nitrate respiration by benthic foraminifera
Project leader: Prof. dr. ir. M. S. M. Jetten
Researcher(s): Dr. L.A.M.P. van Niftrik
Starting date: 1-jun-07

The samples from a large number of marine sediments collected in close coordination with the partners from Utrecht University (see below) will be used by the post-doc at Radboud University Nijmegen. The aim is to study a wide variety of living foraminifera from anoxic, nitrate-rich sediment layers. The mitochondria of these species will be purified and their denitrification rates will be determined. DNA will be extracted from purified mitochondria and whole foraminifera. This DNA will be used for the PCR amplification of genes involved in the denitrification, for direct sequencing (454 technology) and for the construction of genomic clone libraries. The obtained sequences will be subjected to phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses. By the use of polyclonal antibodies and epifluorescence or electron microscopy, gene products involved in denitrification will be localized. The obtained results will give valuable information about the origin and evolution of foraminiferal denitrification. This will allow us to assess the role of foraminiferal denitrification to the past and present marine and global N-cycle.

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