Theme 1 & 2
Programs and projects - theme 1 & 2

Program number
Project number
Program title
Project title
1020Role of cyanobacteria in present and past biogeochemical cycling
1021Role of cyanobacteria in present day biogeochemical cycling
1022Role of cyanobacteria in past biogeochemical cycling
1080Impact of benthic processes on biogeochemical organic carbon cycling and organic proxy records in marine sediments
1081Prokaryotic and metazoan processing of organic matter in sediments
1082Impact of post-depositional processes on organic proxies
1110Anaerobic ammonium oxidation: Impact on present and past oceanic nitrogen cycling
1111Elucidating the metabolism of marine anaerobic ammonium oxidizing (anammox) bacteria to understand their role in the biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen
1112Ladderane and other lipids of anammox bacteria as tracers for present-day and past oceanic nitrogen cycling
2060Microbial carbon fixation in past and future high CO2 oceans
2061Interactions of Zinc, Iron and CO2 system with Polar Oceans Plankton in a High-CO2 world
2062Carbon acquisition, allocation and processing by plankton in a high CO2 world
2063Impact of CO2 concentrations and pH on marine microbial membrane lipids
3010Present and past pathways for ammonium oxidation in the oxygen-depleted waters of the ocean
3011Microbial key players in the oxidation of ammonium under oxygen limitation
3012Lipids as indicators of N-cycling in sub-oxic zones of present and past oceans
3060Present and past role of chemoautotrophy in marine sediments
3061Reoxidation and chemoautotrophy in coastal sediment ecosystems:
3062Tracing chemoautotrophic microbes in present and past sedimentary environments
3070Contribution of nitrite-dependent methane oxidation to the past and present nitrogen cycle in coastal and estuarine ecosystems
3071Microbiology of nitrite-dependent methane-oxidation in coastal ecosystems
3072Tracing the environmental significance of nitrite-driven anaerobic methane oxidation