Theme 2
Program 3040

Sensing Seasonality
Program coordinator(s): Dr. G. M. Ganssen
Theme(s): 2
Funding date: 11-dec-09

Understanding sensitivity of Earth's climate system to perturbations is one of the most important challenges mankind is facing. Records of past climate have shown that the Earth's history is punctuated by many short-term (i.e. millenial-scale) switches in climate states and associated changes in seawater temperature and chemistry. These switches have been suggested to comprise a major seasonal component. Whereas numerical modeling studies of such past climate change address the full annual cycle, geological constraints are still limited to yearly averages. Here we propose to calibrate, validate and apply planktonic foraminiferal proxies to constrain the full seasonal cycle using ecological, geochemical and paleoceanographic approaches. Within project 1 the baseline calibration for trace metal incorporation and stable isotope fractionation (Mg/Ca ratios, as well as δ18O and δ13C) of individual foraminifera will be determined using physiological experiments. Project 2 consists of a field calibration and validation using plankton tows, sediment traps and surface sediments. Project 3 applies the proxyrelationships for detailed reconstructions of evolution and variability in terms of seasonality during time intervals of rapid climate change of the past 50.000 years in the most seasonal climate of the world, the monsoonal system of the Arabian Sea.

This program contains the following projects:
3041: The biological imprint of calcification in foraminifera
3042: Validation of seasonal proxies using planktic foraminifera
3043: Seasonal extremes during rapid (sub-)millennial climate changes in the northern Arabian Sea

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