Programs and projects
Program 1110

Anaerobic ammonium oxidation: Impact on present and past oceanic nitrogen cycling
Program coordinator(s): Prof. dr. ir. M. S. M. Jetten
Theme(s): 1 , 2
Funding date: 10-jul-07

The availability of the nutrients nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) limits the production of phytoplankton in the ocean surface waters. Consequently, the marine nitrogen cycle has a strong link with the marine carbon cycle and climate change. Recent studies have shown that anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) is a major sink in anoxic basins, oxygen minimum zones and marine sediments contributing 50% or more to the nitrogen loss in the oceans. We recently enriched and purified the dominant marine anammox bacteria, Scalindua marina, and sequenced its genome, giving us the unique opportunity to study the geobiology of these bacteria. Anammox bacteria possess chemotaxonomically unique “ladderane'' lipids and hopanoids, that are excellent biomarkers to assess past and present anammox activity, because the ladderane lipids composition is a function of the environmental conditions experienced by the bacteria. Building on our successful cooperation, we would like to combine the efforts of both microbiologists and geologists with aim to develop a proxy for past anammox activity on basis of the unique ladderane molecules and to understand the role of anammox bacteria in the oceanic N cycle in the present DARWIN proposal.

This program contains the following projects:
1111: Elucidating the metabolism of marine anaerobic ammonium oxidizing (anammox) bacteria to understand their role in the biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen
1112: Ladderane and other lipids of anammox bacteria as tracers for present-day and past oceanic nitrogen cycling

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