Programs and projects
Program 1090

The role of benthic foraminifera in the global N-cylcle
Program coordinator(s): Prof. dr. ir. M. S. M. Jetten
Theme(s): 1
Funding date: 10-jan-07

The anaerobic respiration with nitrate as an electron acceptor is generally regarded as a bacterial process. Recently however, we have found that at least three species of benthic foraminifera (unicellular eukaryotes) were able to respire nitrate completely to dinitrogen gas. In addition, these species accumulated and stored high concentrations of nitrate in their cell. This stored nitrate is sufficient to support anaerobic respiration for over a month. Benthic foraminifera are unicellular eukaryotes, which can be abundant in anoxic environments. This suggests that their role in the global N-cycle might be significant. The evolution of foraminiferal taxa that prefer these anoxic conditions accelerated since the Middle Miocene (16 to 12 million years ago). The aim of this project is to investigate the newly discovered foraminiferal nitrate respiration in more depth along the questions: (1) how broadly distributed is the trait to respire nitrate?; (2) how substantial is the contribution of foraminiferal denitrification to the global N-cycle?; (3) how did this anaerobic function evolve; (4) how is it related to the occupation and regulation of infaunal niches?; and (5) can these foraminifera be used as index-fossils for the evolution of infaunal niches, and the related evolution of biogeochemical processes?

This program contains the following projects:
1091: Nitrate respiration by benthic foraminifera
1092: Infaunal benthic foraminifera: ecology, evolution and their role in the evolution of the global N-cycle

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