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Darwin summer school - evaluation

Beginning of July almost 30 students from the Netherlands and many other countries gathered in Utrecht to follow two weeks of lectures given by mainly Darwin center researchers. A broad range of research carried out within the Dutch biogeosciences has been presented. Topics included (among many others) iron fertilization, hyperthermals, orbital forcing, modelling, Amazonian biodiversity, carbonate based proxies, polar lipids, microbial mats, methanotrophy, and methane cycling.


Many of the lectures can be found in the ‘Darwin summer school Course material’.


A questionnaire about our first summer school indicates that the students were in general very positive, and that the lectures definitely contributed to their interest in the biogeosciences. Some of the results can be found below


Next year we hope to organize the second Darwin summer school. So already inform your students and/or keep agendas empty for the beginning of July.