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Visitors to the Darwin Center website

Since we launched the Darwin Center website on 17 February we have had an average of 515 visits each month. The number of visits is the number of unique sessions initiated by visitors. We have a monthly average of 336 unique visitors, which means that on average 336 people visit our website at least once a month. Visits to the website last an average of three minutes. The homepage is visited most, followed by ‘Information for’ and ‘Search people’. A good reason to make sure your personal page looks its best. Other frequently visited pages include ‘News and Events’ and ‘Research’. Most visitors are from the Netherlands, followed by visitors from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Edit your personal page

From now on you can edit your personal page on the Darwin Center website. As well as the standard information you can expand the page to include your research interests, projects, publications and add links to another personal page or, for example, your LinkedIn profile. Last week you received a username and password by e-mail. Write an e-mail to  if you lost them.


All researchers affiliated to the Darwin Center have a personal page on the Darwin Center website. You can find these through the ‘search people’ button on the right-hand side.


Add your publications to the online database

All publications deriving from research projects should be added to the online database. You can check or search for publications on DarwinCenterPublications.aspx?id=518.


News and Events

The ‘News and Events’ page is one of the most visited pages. If you have news or a forthcoming event of interest to biogeologists in the Netherlands or abroad, please e-mail .