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VICI grant for paleoclimatologist Lucas Lourens

NWO has awarded a Vici grant to Lucas Lourens, a paleoclimatologist at Utrecht University and affiliated with the Darwin Center. He is among 31 top Dutch scientists who have been awarded Vici grants this year.


Astronomical forcing of climate change

Vici funding was granted to Lucas Lourens for his research proposal on ‘Astronomical forcing of climate change’:


The climate changes were caused by variations in the tilt of the Earth’s axis and fluctuations in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Depending on the atmospheric CO2 concentration, these astronomical cycles may cause ice ages or extreme greenhouse periods. Records of climate change can be found in deep-sea sediments and studied by climate modeling.


Experience and innovation

Vici grants are intended for very experienced researchers with a proven track record in successfully establishing their own lines of innovative research and coaching young scientist.


Own research group

Vici grants enable scientists to establish their own research groups, often as a stepping stone to a permanent professorship.