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Anja Engel and David Beerling keynote speakers at Darwin Days

Anja Engel is working at AWI-Bremerhaven for the division Biogeosciences - Polar Biological Oceanography. She is also head of the HGF Young Investigators Group 'Global Change and the future Marine Carbon Cycle' and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University, USA.



David Beerling is Professor of Palaeoclimatology at the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield (UK), and head of an interdisciplinary research group “focusing on fundamental questions concerning the evolving dynamic behaviour of Earth’s coupled biotic and physical systems over the Phanerozoic (past 540 Myr).” Professor Beerling has published in Nature, Nature Geosciences and PNAS and in 2007 published The Emerald Planet. How plants changed Earth’s history (Oxford University Press). He is also a regular contributor to NERC’s ‘Planet Earth online’ (


The Darwin Days will be organized for the fourth time on 21 and 22 April . This annual biogeoscience conference will be open to all biogeologists. The aim of the Darwin Days is to promote the unique collaboration between life and earth scientists. The focus will be on the Darwin Center's research topics. Lectures will be given both by researchers affiliated to the and keynote speakers from outside the Center.


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