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PhD course “Molecular Organic Biogeochemistry”

PhD course “Molecular Organic Biogeochemistry”

September 24th –28th 2012

Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research,


Instructors: Stefan Schouten, Jaap Sinninghe Damsté, Jan de Leeuw, Ellen

Hopmans, Marcel van der Meer and others.


Organic (bio)geochemistry has become an increasingly expanding and diverse scientific field with important applications in paleoclimatology and microbiology.

This course is intended for PhD-students and early career postdocs with an interest in organic geochemistry or who want to use molecular organic geochemical tools in their field of study. The course lasts for a week (Monday morning thru Friday afternoon) and consists of three parts: the early mornings and afternoons are filled with lectures on a range of topics in molecular organic biogeochemistry. The late mornings will be used for practical demonstrations of analytical equipment and data interpretations. The afternoons will finish with short student presentations.


Topics covered in this course include:

- Analytical techniques (GC, , irMS)

- Biomarkers and molecular phylogeny

- Organic proxies in paleoclimatology and paleoceanography

- Intact polar lipids

- Diagenesis

- Algaenans and kerogen formation

- Compound specific stable carbon and hydrogen isotope analysis



The course fee is €100,- which covers the cost of lunches, coffee/tea and course material. Participants have to arrange their own lodging and diner. Further information on this course can be obtained from Dr. Stefan Schouten (E-mail:



To subscribe, send an E-mail with personal information, affiliation, fields of interest and motivation to follow the course to Dr. Stefan Schouten at the above Email address before March 31st 2012. If the number of participants exceeds 30, a selection will be made based on the motivation and relevance for the PhD study