Darwin Center
Darwin Center
Darwin Center

The Darwin Center for Biogeosciences seeks to perform cutting-edge science at the interface of Biology and Earth Sciences. Within the Center, over 100 scientists are studying how System Earth is working under continuously changing conditions. The Darwin Center’s research mission is to understand the functioning of global, regional and local ecosystems, focusing on change and feedback at all time scales in and between biotic and abiotic components of a changing Earth.


Successful network

The Darwin Center for Biogeosciences integrates 20 excellent research groups into a single national institute. We have established a successful network promoting truly interdisciplinary research.


Research projects

The 64 research projects started to date involve 52 PhD students and 11 postdocs working on research topics such as climate reconstructions, the carbon and nitrogen cycle, microbiological processes and ocean acidification.


The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) funds 50% of the Center’s budget.